Project Overview

New Kathy's House Takes Shape

Both last year and again in 2017 Kathy's House has been unable to help many, many families who are in need of lodging due to a medical crisis. In Fact, in 2016 we turned away more than 120 families or place them on a waiting list because we simply did not have any available rooms.

The good news is we continue to move closer to building a larger facility so we don't have to turn families away. In January of this year, Froedtert Hospital announced they will be the lead investor in the new Kathy's House by providing a $6 million gift. We are forever grateful for this transformative gift which will help us to serve more families and achieve our vision of being the national model.

With this gift, we've begun working with an architectural team from HGA to design the new House and with Froedtert leadership and Medical College of Wisconsin staff who are helping us to think about what new services we could offer in the House to better support patient care and how to design the building accordingly.

To give you an idea of the scope of the new House, we will go from our current facility, which is 15,000 square foot facility with 18 guest rooms to a 25,000 square foot facility with 24 guest rooms. There will be two separate wings of guest rooms - one exclusively for bone marrow transplant patients and other cancer patients whose immune systems are particularly compromised by their treat. We are hoping to break ground in Spring of 2018 and open the new House in spring of 2019.

Essentially, we will grow in capacity by a third when we move into the new Kathy's House. With a larger facility, we know there will be increased operating costs for things such as utilities, laundry services, insurance, security and staffing, among other things. To make sure that we are successful from day one we have been working the past couple of years to strategically grow our operational capacity.

The total project cost for the new Kathy's House will be $9 million. With Froedtert's investment of $6 million that leaves $3 million to be raised in our capital campaign and plans are now underway to structure the effort.

Please feel free to contact Patty Metropulos with any questions at 414-453-8290.

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